Leaning on a Lamppost

Det. Rhys McWilliams - Shorty to his friends 7 minute read

Frankie Farrell, the town drunk, is dead. Electrocuted while taking a leak against a lamppost on his way home in the early hours. An unfortunate and comical accident, most of the townspeople think. Detective Rhys McWilliams isn't so sure. Frankie had been his eyes and ears in the local bars. Frankie had clammed up a few weeks ago, frightened, he said, of the "Mortal Pup”.

The late morning sun glares down on the town of Clonallen. The town sulks back in silence. It is the end of May and there isn’t a breath to be had . . .

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My name is Liam Robertson. I live with my four children in the village of Rostrevor. I had a wife, Niamh, but she died not that long ago. Most days you will find me writing code to feed my family. Most nights I write prose and poetry to prick and prod that ragged tear loss leaves behind.
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