My name is Liam Robertson. I live with my four children in the village of Rostrevor. The village lies at the foot of the Mourne Mountains on the shores of Carlingford Lough. I live in a frayed Victorian house that clings to a granite outcrop upon which the village was built over the centuries. This outcrop gave the village its original name, Carrickavraghad, “the long rock”. I had a wife, Niamh, but she died not that long ago. Most days you will find me writing code to feed my family. Most nights I write prose and poetry to prick and prod at that ragged tear loss leaves behind.

If you enjoy my writings, I do appreciate your support. If you don’t it’s still cheaper than analysis.

Best Regards, Liam F Robertson


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  • My other interest can be found at bytesized.co.uk